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We broadcast every week on Thursdays from 7pm till Midnight. The first half is talk and music. The second half networking and each week's special guest is the DJ.

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Steffen Gentis BBDO Craftwork
Agathe Rzymkowski BBDO Berlin
Anuschka Wallé BBDO Craftwork
Henan Wensink our music guy

Links from past shows


  1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan live with his whole band/entourage
  2. An awesome COVID Lock-In concert from Fat Freddy’s Drop
  3. Referring to the actually sad lyrics of Benee’s “Supalonely” caught in a really happy mood sound and giving you a feel good vibe, an article with other happy sounding songs, with dark lyrics.
  4. Benee herself having fun with this song
  5. Great source of inspiration for Andy - NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts. Some of Andy’s favourite shows:
  6. Six60 (BBC quote - “The biggest live band on the planet” - due to COVID and them still being able to play in NZ :) )

Spotify playlist

Reference list in chronological order

  1. Steffen’s Attitude Song: 2 Cellos “Thunderstruck”.
  2. Reaction to Anuschka’s meaningful song for 2020 - Tones and I “Dance Monkey” - NY Times Vlog/Interview with Tones how she got to this song and her background.
  3. Reaction to Agatha’s joy that Shadowax “What About Me” brought and speaking about the back-to-back energy we referred to this great film about when Rave started in the 90s Beats.
  4. Songcloud Link to Henan’s most meaningful 2020 Song: Local Giants “Your Eyes”.
  5. Steffen’s referring to the dance challenge the song Jerusalema started by this film.

Spotify playlist