The success of BBDO Germany’s Directors Lounge ( over the last 15 years, has led many to ask us why we don’t curate a Production Lounge. In the legacy world of classic production, we never really felt that there was a need for this. Until now: the rapidly shifting production landscape around the Covid -19 Pandemic, gave us the impulse to create the PRODUCTION LOUNGE – as an open source showcase, sharing new ways of working and highlighting the people doing this.  

To do this, we’ll be cross-referencing from our large pool of creative resources and from our large global network of production partners, and in the beginning all our contributions will be based on our own experience.  

The first urgent and necessary creative production response to Lock-Down, was re-editing, using stock and licencing UGC. Remote working, crowd-sourcing and to a certain degree, tech solutions are playing an increasingly important role as production moves forward. 

This is the new new.

Travel restrictions, insurance hurdles will still create a lot of un-kowns as production moves on out of Lock-Down. We want the PRODUCTIONLOUNGE to be a space to help us navigate the “New New” us all as we pool and share our knowledge. 

Feel free to comment on the posts with suggestions and more ideas or with links to your own examples and work. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, if you would like to contribute your story and experience and be featured in our blog. 

So here we go, this list will grow over the course of time. 
Have fun! Stay healthy! Bring it on! 

Video is easy if you know the right people. 

To give everything some structure and to guide you straight to what might interest you, we have numbered contributions as follows: 

0. Overall Production Strategy

1. Legacy Production

1.1 Classic Crafted Hero Production
1.2 Elastic Production 
1.3 Parallel Production
1.4 Production Collaborated 
1.5 Curated Production 
1.6 Commissioned Production
1.7 Captured Production
1.8 Integrated Digital Production

2. Remote Production

2.1 Tiny Capture shoots
2.2 Directors Pool 
2.3 DOP Pool
2.4 Videographer Pool
2.5 Curated Sourcing Platforms
2.6 Tech solutions
2.7 Photography
2.8 Illustration

3. Post Production

3.1 Adjustment and Optimization/ Editorial
3.2 Repurposing and Up- and recycling 
3.3 Embracing Stock
3.4 Music and Sound Design
3.5 Audio Production
3.6 Automation
3.7 Motion Graphics 
3.8 Animation
3.9 CGI
3.10 VR
3.11 AR
3.12 Integrated /Interactive Media
3.13 VFX Directors 
3.14 Design directors
3.15 Full-Service Post Production
3.16 Grading /Enhancing